September 5, 2013 Comment

With a third of us concerned about heating costs, could there be a simple way to chop our bills?

A survey commissioned for Radio 5 Live’s energy day has confirmed that one in three of us are seriously worried about paying our heating bills this year. At a time when a quarter of us have to put up with ‘unacceptably cold’ homes because of rising energy costs, the need for radical solutions is clear. 

So what if that radical solution was simply to chop a chunk off your energy bill? No it’s not a gimmick, there really is a simple way to chop your heating costs without having to settle for multiple jumpers and vigorous exercise in your living room. It’s time to talk about Chopping! 

The concept of chopping is simple and backed up by some fundamental scientific principles. By simply turning the heating off for a portion of time every hour, consumers can reduce their energy consumption and save money on bills without, and here’s the crucial bit, without noticing any difference in temperature. 

“It all works from radiant heat” explains Garry Stewart, the inventor of Chop-Cloc, a device that allows consumers to start chopping at home. “Thermostats measure the temperature of the air and make the heating work constantly to keep it hot enough. But people don’t actually feel most of our warmth from the air temperature, we feel it from the heat that radiates off the objects around us.” 

“Just think of a sunny day, you’re nice and hot until the sun goes behind a cloud and you immediately feel a shiver. The air temperature hasn’t yet changed but the radiant heat from the sun has been taken away so you feel colder straight away.” 

Heating in our homes works in exactly the same way; carpets, walls, sofas, other people all give off the radiant heat that keeps us warm. They get ‘charged up’ with heat energy from the radiators and they continue to release that heat even if the heating is switched off (or chopped) for a time. Whilst the heating is off you feel no difference because every object in your house has now started acting like a radiator. When the chopped period is finished the heating comes back on and warms everything up again. 

It might seem too good to be true but having the heating off from anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes an hour (depending on how cold it is) really doesn’t make any difference to how warm you feel in the room, and the results are staggering. 

Chopping can save householders up to 30% on their heating bills, depending on the temperature outside and how warm they like their home. The point is that the consumer gets to choose how much they save without ever having to be uncomfortable. It’s a pretty simple idea that might just mean an end to putting paying the bills above a comfortable home. 

“The great thing about chopping is that anyone can try it for themselves and see if it makes a difference. Once the house is warm, turn off your heating for 30 minutes and see if anyone notices!” explains Chop-Cloc CEO Mark Kerray. “All Chop-Cloc does is handle this for you so you can set it and forget it, or adjust the chopping time according to the weather outside or to suit your level of comfort.”

“Escalating energy bills and increasing levels of fuel poverty are frankly frightening. We believe chopping is a simple but powerful part of the solution. It puts consumers in control and achieves savings without having to make uncomfortable sacrifices.”

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