Social housing

A simple, cost-effective solution for providing affordable, warm, sustainable homes

People living in social housing are particularly vulnerable to escalating energy bills, with hundreds of thousands of tenants in fuel poverty. Housing associations urgently need solutions to improve energy efficiency whilst ensuring that residents can afford to stay warm and safe through the winter months. Chopping is an extremely easy way for providers to ease the strain on their tenants, making it more affordable to heat their homes and avoiding the trap of bad debt.

Social housing providers can achieve half their carbon emissions reduction targets with less than 2% of their allocated budget by investing in Chop-Cloc as an energy efficiency measure. A study from the Scottish Institute of Sustainable Technology demonstrated that a social housing sample that installed Chop-Clocs used, on average, 18.1% less gas for space heating as compared to the previous year. This figure equates to an annual household saving of 2,150 kWh or 594 kg CO2e per year.

Chop-Cloc and Social Housing: Lister Co-operative

The benefits of Chop-Cloc for us as a social housing provider are it’s simple, it’s effective, it’s affordable and it’s user friendly; people get the hang of it very quickly, it’s under their control, they’re making the savings.

Alistair Cant, Director, Lister Housing Co-operative

The Chopping Company is proud to work in partnership with Sustainable Homes to deliver these benefits to registered providers and other landlords. We are also part of the Sustainable Homes Index For Tomorrow (SHIFT) index. SHIFT is the only initiative to provide a comprehensive environmental benchmark for affordable housing providers and was developed with the support of the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), WWF, the Mayor of London and UK Green Building Council.

Chopping is a very cost effective way of reducing people’s heating bills in these difficult times. Members of Sustainable Homes really see the value of its simplicity, low cost and fast payback.

Andrew Eagles, Managing Director, Sustainable Homes

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less gas for space heating per year

2,150 kWh

saving per household per year

594 kg

CO2e reduction per household per year

*Results from a study by the Scottish Institute of Sustainable Technology

CityWest Homes, Westminster’s leading housing provider, has pledged to fit a Chop-Cloc with all new boilers installed across their estate of 21,000 homes. Read more…

Chop-Cloc and Social Housing: CityWest Homes

The biggest problem our tenants face is rising gas prices. More and more of them are slipping into fuel poverty. Chop-Cloc is the new low hanging fruit, it’s very simple, very visual, and it’s going to make sizeable savings. I would recommend it to other social housing providers, I’d recommend it to my friends.

Peter Armfield, Sustainability Manager, CityWest Homes

If you want to find out more about how Chopping can support your efforts to deliver warm, sustainable housing, get in touch to arrange a trial or installation.