Fuel poverty

A low-cost, fast-payback solution in the fight against fuel poverty

Fuel poverty is at crisis levels. Even at a conservative estimate, in England and Wales 2,700 people are dying each year because they can’t afford a warm home. A recent survey for the BBC found that a third of people are worried about heating bills and for the 3.2 million UK households facing fuel poverty, choosing savings on bills over a comfortable home is a very serious problem.

Improving the energy efficiency of a property not only makes it a more comfortable, warm, and healthy place to live, it can also significantly reduce bills and help protect against future price rises. Low cost solutions with fast payback have a significant role to play in helping people reduce their energy consumption. Chopping reduces bills by an average of 16% without the need to make any compromise on temperature.

The Chopping Company has been endorsed for its role in delivering affordable warmth by organisations including Age UK, National Energy Action, Energy Action Scotland and Sustainable Homes.

Energy Action Scotland supports the development of such products as Chop-Cloc as a means of lowering household fuel bills. With ever increasing costs of energy it is for innovators like The Chopping Company to come forward with practical solutions to the problem of fuel poverty.

Norman Kerr, Director, Energy Action Scotland

Chop-Cloc at National Energy Action 2013

People in their homes can’t do anything about global energy prices, what they can do is look at their own energy use. Low cost solutions with low payback periods are really important and have a significant role to play in helping people reduce their energy consumption.

Maria Wardrobe, Director of External Affairs, National Energy Action

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UK households in fuel poverty


people dying each year in England and Wales because they can’t afford a warm home


of fuel poor households live in properties with an energy efficiency rating of E, F or G

A lot of the focus has been on more sophisticated white goods that can be sold to more affluent households but we also need some cheaper products such as Chop-Cloc that can be very effective and can also be appropriate for the fuel poor.

Jenny Saunders OBE, CEO, National Energy Action

The Chopping Company is committed to tackling fuel poverty and we are always interested to hear from partners or projects active in this area.