Energy efficiency installers

A low cost, easy fit addition to your service portfolio offering customers a new way to save energy

Introducing Chop-Cloc

Chop-Cloc is a simple new retrofit device that saves up to 30% on home heating bills. It works by inserting 15 to 45 minute off-periods to take advantage of radiant heat from the building fabric and contents. The off period makes no difference to how warm it feels inside the building, but will make a big difference to your customers’ energy bills.

Watch our “INTRODUCING CHOP-CLOC” video to understand the freewheeling concept behind Chopping. It’s a great tool for helping your customers understand how it works

Per year, Chopping saves the average household:

500 kg

CO2e emissions

1800 kWh

of natural gas


in energy bills

How it works

Like all great inventions, Chop-Cloc is incredibly simple. As an energy expert, you will be aware of the time it takes for radiant heat stored within the fabric of the building to disappear. So it’s logical that adding periods of off time into the hourly heating cycle can reduce boiler on time without a drop in comfort. 

It’s a bit like freewheeling for central heating. In fact, it’s an incredibly simple and effective way to reduce fuel consumption. Independent domestic UK trials conducted by SISTech found savings up to 30% with the average being 16%. Chop-Cloc is the only energy efficiency measure to offer payback in less than 12 months.


Fitting is a simple job that requires no special tools and can be done by any qualified electrician. Most installations can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

  • Works with almost all water based heating systems
  • Simple 4 wire fitting
  • Does not affect the hot water in anyway

Watch this detailed fitting animation to see what is involved across various systems. Download our fitting guide for full instructions.

Benefits to home energy installers

Chop-Cloc is a great low cost, easy fit addition to your service portfolio offering your customers a new and additional way to save energy. Installers who have already adopted Chop-Cloc have found it to be an excellent item to bundle with other measures, from boiler installation and maintenance to insulation or solar panels.

For example, bundling Chop-Cloc with a solar installation provides significant savings on gas bills in addition to the electricity savings from solar PV, and for only a small additional cost. It’s a great way to offer your customer base something new and effective that opens the door to additional higher value installations.

Daniel from Green Energy Electrical has been installing Chop-Clocs for some time now, and really sees the benefits to his company and his customers.

As solar installers we’re looking to cut people’s bills, and Chop-Cloc fits very well into that. Plus it helps us increase our sales, with a low cost item that increases customers’ savings.

James Rankin, Solway Solar Systems

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