September 25, 2013 News

Chopped art auction puts brand on the block

Three manipulated masterpieces provided an unusual means of raising awareness for energy-efficiency brand Chop-Cloc at a fuel poverty conference last week.

Chop-Cloc auctioned off artwork featuring their unique heating control device in the style of Warhol, Dali and Magritte for the National Energy Action charity, who hosted the event.

Each ‘chopped masterpiece’ was priced with a scandalously high price tag, however on closer inspection the figure was explained as the financial saving that could be made by installing a Chop-Cloc.

The Warhol canvas for example came with a price tag of just over £7 million, which turned out to be the yearly saving that could be achieved if all homes in Harrogate installed a Chop-Cloc.

“Exhibiting these three unexpected paintings, each with a visual twist, really made people curious to investigate them further”, explained Chop-Cloc Creative Director Jonny Lang. “This auction captured the imagination of the visitors at the conference, generated a lot of goodwill and effectively conveyed the massive potential for chopping energy waste with Chop-Cloc.”

Chop-Cloc raised a total of £525 for the National Energy Agency charity whilst raising awareness of the brand amongst some key companies and organisations dedicated to tackling fuel poverty.

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