About us

About us

The Chopping Company is pioneering a unique solution for improving the affordability and efficiency of home heating.

Inventor’s story

Chopping was born when our inventor Garry Stewart grew frustrated by the almost constant call for heat from his boiler. He decided to manually intervene by switching it off for 30 minutes in each hour. And it worked! His family didn’t notice any difference in the temperature but his boiler was doing a lot less work. He quickly realised that switching the boiler off for a period each hour (Chopping) was saving him energy without making any difference to how warm it felt in his house. He knew that if he could automate Chopping he would be able to make a significant contribution to improving efficiency in the heating market.

Listen to Garry explain the concept on BBC Radio 2

Our mission

In an age of sophisticated solutions, we’ve got used to thinking something is only working when it’s on. Here at The Chopping Company, we know that sometimes you are better off.

Chopping simply means regularly switching systems off for short periods of time without affecting their operation. The off period makes no difference to performance but makes a big difference in saving energy and reducing costs.

Our mission is to make Chopping possible wherever we can; saving people money, reducing consumption and creating a real revolution in efficiency.



The invention of Chopping
  • Writing and developing patents
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of why Chopping works
  • Testing the efficacy of Chopping as an energy saving tool
Developing the Chop-Cloc
  • Testing usability and likeability with householders
  • Sourcing manufacturing capability
  • Gaining CE approval for product
Launching Chopping
  • Making Chop-Cloc available to consumers from April 2013
  • Developing distribution channels, key stakeholders and partners
  • Building our business customer base

Executive team

The Chopping Company is run by a core executive team supported by shareholders, advisors and specialists. Our team brings together considerable collective experience from the energy industry and brand innovation industries.

Graeme Sweeney Chairman

Graeme is a leading authority on energy, fuels and climate change. He is Special Adviser on CO2 to Royal Dutch Shell, Chairman of the Advisory Council of the European Technology Platform of Zero Emission Fossil Fuels Power Plants (ETP-ZEP), and co-chair of the European Union’s Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project Network Advisory Forum. He is a founding member of the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute and serves on the advisory board of the University of California (Davis) Institute of Transportation Studies.

Mark Kerray CEO

Mark has over 20 years experience working with and for some of the world’s leading brands including Philips, Energizer Inc, Johnson and Johnson Ltd. He was previously Head of Global Brand Management at Philips and before that he was the Managing Director of Energizer. Mark is passionate about developing brands with purpose and is also the founder of Tartanpaint, a boutique creative agency developing content to help transform organisations.

Garry Stewart Inventor and CTO

Garry is an inventor of patented technology in the energy management field. He has considerable hands-on expertise in the built environment and housing sectors, having been Managing Director of leading Scottish building company Richmond Homes for 20 years. With a background ranging from physics to philosophy, Garry is passionate about innovative strategies for planet husbandry.

Garry Felgate Sales Director

Garry has an outstanding business and technical background in the energy, environment, sustainability and low carbon sectors. He is accustomed to operating at the most senior level. He has run businesses as Director and CEO, working not only with companies but also with government, academics and regulators. He was previously Chief Executive of the Energy Retailers Association, Director at the Carbon Trust and Director at KPMG.

Jonny Lang Creative Director

Jonny is a maverick lateral thinker intent on breaking new ground with all forms of creativity. Jonny’s talents range from running a creative agency bringing world-class brands to life, to creating innovative comedy concepts with Eager Beaver Productions. With a background in graphic design, he was previously Creative Director at Enterprise IG (now Brand Union) and a Designer at Sampson Tyrell.

The Chopping Centre

The Chopping Centre is part of the Rexel Innovation Centre at the BRE Innovation Park in Watford, an ongoing project that is refurbished with the latest technology advances by our partners Rexel Energy Solutions.

Inside The Chopping Centre visitors can learn about the concept of Chopping from hands on experience of a working Chop-Cloc to informative animations and testimonial videos from those who are already saving money on their central heating bills.

Rexel wanted to showcase the best in class products that give home and building owners the opportunity to reduce energy use in a very cost-effective way. The Chopping room is very innovative, very smart and brings some colour and energy to the home.

Brian Smithers, Strategic Development Director, Northern Zone at Rexel Energy Solutions

The Chopping Centre: Chop-Cloc’s room at BRE


If you are interested in working with us or becoming a partner, or simply want to find out more about the team and our work then we’d love to hear from you.