February 19, 2014 Comment

15 reasons why the g15 should get Chopping

markThe Chopping Company CEO, Mark Kerray, recently gave a presentation to the g15 group of social housing providers on why Chopping offers a simple, cost-effective solution for providing affordable, warm, sustainable homes.

The g15 is a group of London’s largest housing associations, providing homes for 1 in 10 Londoners and one quarter of all new building. The group is focused on solving the housing crisis by delivering good quality, affordable homes of all types.

Chopping is an extremely easy way for social housing providers to ease the strain of escalating energy bills on their tenants, making it more affordable to heat their homes and avoiding the trap of bad debt. Housing Associations can achieve half their carbon reduction targets with less than 2% of their overall efficiency retrofit budget by investing in our energy saving device, Chop-Cloc.

A study from the Scottish Institute of Sustainable Technology demonstrated that a social housing sample that installed Chop-Clocs used, on average, 18.1% less gas for space heating as compared to the previous year. This figure equates to an annual household saving of 2,150 kWh or 594 kg CO2e per year.

Here are Mark’s 15 reasons why the g15 should get Chopping:


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