April 3, 2014 Comment

£120 each way: Chop-Cloc can offset the recent rise in council tax bills

Chop-Cloc saves £120

This week The Guardian reported that more than 670,000 households in the UK face a rise in council tax of an average of £120. This year will be the first that the government will no longer take the poorest out of council tax and 83 local authorities are reducing protection for vulnerable residents as a result.

This additional cost comes at a time when a third of people are worried about heating bills and 3.2 million UK households are facing fuel poverty, something we feel passionately about here at The Chopping Company.

Low cost solutions with fast payback have a significant role to play in helping people reduce their energy consumption. Chopping reduces bills by an average of 16% without the need to make any compromise on temperature. By pure coincidence, that’s an average saving on household energy bills of £120.

The Chopping Company works with many organisations including National Energy Action, Energy Action Scotland and Sustainable Homes in delivering affordable warmth.

“With ever increasing costs of energy it is for innovators like The Chopping Company to come forward with practical solutions to the problem of fuel poverty.”

Norman Kerr, Director, Energy Action Scotland

If you provide homes for people facing fuel poverty or are involved in campaigning in this area, we would be very happy to talk to you about how Chopping can help drive energy-efficiency and save people money. Please get in touch.

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